My interest in cycling started at school. After building up a bike from spare parts my parents then bought me a Raleigh to cycle to and from school. Like most youngsters this was not sporty enough and my request to remove the mudguards and fit drops met with a definite No.

In an effort to acquire a speed machine I saved pocket-money,  paper and milk round money to buy a Claud Butler road bike , this served me well but sadly at seventeen the lure of a car, alcohol, girls and work took priority and I took a sabbatical from the bike for thirty years. The flame rekindled some ten years ago as a way of keeping fit when I acquired a Marin Palisade Trail MTB. 2012 and  a move to road cycling after purchasing a Cannondale Synapse Carbon road bike. This has now been replaced with a Van Nicholas Yukon Titanium bike that I recently built for touring and Audax.

Retirement has given us more time to cycle as well as more travelling to foreign shores and so to combine the two we decided to buy a camper van.

Now – bring me that horizon.
The last line from Pirates of the Caribbean:


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  1. I see no mention of a Brompton, you don’t know what you’re missing, check out the London Brompton Club on Facebook, I’m one of the founding members, just tell them Mick.B. Sent you. We’ll get you on one yet. You will be assimilated. ;O))


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