I Wasn’t Expecting That

In September I completed my latest challenge which was the Audax UK Randonnée-Round-the-Year (RRtY)

Often held to be one of the tougher challenges on offer, RRtY requires a 200km ride in each of 12 successive calendar months, you can start in any month, but miss a month and you have to start all over again.

Although I had finished the challenge I thought it would be nice to carry on and try to do a 200k each month, at least there was no pressure, Having done my October ride i thought I would use the November ride to write a blog  extolling the virtues of the RRTY scheme that allows you to submit a DIY route for approval, ride it and then send in the gps trace of the ride for verification. This was to be combined with a short video of preparation, bike set up, timings and information to help anybody thinking of taking on the challenge. 

I had set the ride up for a week day following a weekend in Lincoln to see Ned Boulting’s Tour De Ned and very entertaining it was to.

After the four hour drive home I had a sore calf muscle which I put down to a strain after a couple of rides in Lincoln and on Monday I woke up thinking I had flu, totally wiped out and not wishing to even look at a bike, I cancelled my proposed ride and spent the next couple of days not doing a lot before arranging a doctor’s appointment as I was still feeling rough and my calf muscle was still sore.

With symptoms explained the doctor was more concerned with my leg rather my flu symptoms and an immediate blood test was taken as the doctor suspected a possible blood clot in my leg. This was a bolt from the blue and a few hours later a telephone call confirmed it was a suspected DVT, the doctor prescribed an immediate course of blood thinning medication and sent a request for an urgent ultrasound scan. At 10am the following morning a call from Basingstoke hospital to attend a scan at 2pm, after the scan confirmed the problem another blood test and an immediate appointment with the DVT specialist. The prognosis problems and timetable for recovery were explained. I got home still in shock and as someone who can be quite cynical about bad service I could not believe how speedily and efficiently I had been treated by the NHS.

Back on the bike

After 2 weeks of recovering at home in the very alien environment of sitting down with my leg raised not doing a lot the pain in the leg has finally gone. My latest hospital visit to see the specialist revealed that I could have had this problem for a few years before it finally flared up but with time I should make a complete recovery.  The good news now is that I have  been given clearance to start riding the bike again albeit very short distances. The rehabilitation is going to take some time but I am just happy to be back on the bike and with total admiration for our superb NHS.

I certainly wasn’t expecting that.



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