Product Review – Galibier Énergie Elite Shorts

IMG_2743Galibier Énergie Elite shorts

The most important piece of kit for my cycling is the bib shorts or tights, a long day in the saddle can be heaven or hell depending on your comfort levels.

It is instantly clear if you have the wrong saddle but shorts that are OK for an hours ride can be purgatory after 6 hours on the bike so comfort is paramount for me. I have tried lots of different brands and price points and it seems no coincidence that the more expensive Rapha and Assos do deliver the comfort at a price.

I came across the Galibier brand by way of a friend who was praising the quality of a soft shell jacket so after visiting the web site I found an internet based company that are enthusiastic about their products and their commitment to customer service convinced me to give their kit and in particular their bib shorts a try,  to quote their website,

“Our Énergie performance shorts have NO COMPROMISE on quality and will match ANY bib short on the market, at any price. These are your new ‘best’ shorts.”

If you are of a mind you can read the technical build specification of the shorts on their website but the proof to me is comfort over time on long rides so having purchased these in April they accompanied me on 1700 miles in France and three ascents of Mt Ventoux and I feel I can now offer an honest review that the Énergie Elite shorts proved equally as good as my Rapha and Assos but at half the price.

The sizing and cut were spot on and the bib brace and shoulder straps exactly the right construction to prevent the cutting effect that some brands produce, The silicone leg grippers are a nice finishing touch that secure but don’t dig in to the skin. My only comment would be that if I was having them tailor-made I would have preferred them 25 shorter in the leg length but that’s personal choice.

The shorts were washed following the manufacturers instructions nearly everyday for a month and still look and perform like new so with that confidence I will be looking at Galibier for my next kit purchase.

I have no connection with the company but have no hesitation at giving the Énergie Elite shorts 10/10 for style, comfort and value..

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