The Promise You Made

The blog title is a song title as well, (subliminal thoughts ) , not the first one I’ve used but who sung it (answer at the end)

Anyway I opened the BBC news app to be greeted with the study suggesting “now more adults in the world classified as obese than underweight”. I had this vision of a see-saw in equilibrium which has now tilted downwards to give obese the lead and one poor person being blamed as the “straw that broke the camels back”

The study went on to say it was a complex situation that needed more than a diet and riding a bike to tackle it but I for one am a champion for the effects and benefits that riding a bike can have but like all medicine you need to commit to the treatment for it to have the desired effect.

Before I got back into road cycling I was a bit of a boozy lard arse convinced that the waistband on my jeans was shrinking with every wash but the prospect of retirement meant I had more time and no excuse not to do a bit more exercise. I would at this point add that you do have to have a desire to lose weight and get fit.

The riding went well, just a few miles every other day and a couple of beers less and the weight was slowly reducing and as a result I got fitter and faster and so did my desire to do a bit more and perhaps test myself with distances I had only previously dreamt of.

I read of people doing amazing distances cycling, walking across continents, climbing Everest and while this and Olympic medals are beyond the bounds of possibility for most of us it helps our motivation if we have our own small goals to aim at.

Step forward the virtual challenges, I signed up for #DryJanuary and #30daysofbiking. Dry January speaks for itself, can you survive the challenge, if you can you have probably reduced your alcohol consumption and noticed an improvement to health and wallet. I found it was becoming habit to get sat down in front of the telly and as a reflex action open a bottle of wine but that month off convinced me I didn’t need it and the bathroom scales thanked me.

Screenshot 2016-04-01 14.29.0930 days of biking and a pledge to cycle every day in April. and I recommend this as a great way to take small steps to build up your commitment and fitness to cycling. The beauty of this is for a beginner you only need to do a mile or two if you want but the discipline is making the time every day. Initially it seems a daunting challenge and the secret in not to see reasons why you can’t ride but how you can fit that ride in. I used it as a training aid to cycle multiple days for my LEJOG, it was a giant leap at the time to cycle for 30 consecutive days but enjoyable and I am doing it again this year in preparation for a multi-day tour.

There is a serious side to the pledge and will give 1 bike to a needy child for every 30 pledges made so you can make a difference not only to a child but to your own well-being and self-esteem.

These pledges are not going to solve the worlds obesity problem, its easy to blame fast food and sugary drinks but people must have the will to want to change, the help and tools are out there if you choose to use them. For me both of these pledges presented a challenge but helped me with weight loss and fitness, it was one small step but that’s what you need to start to climb Everest.

And the record title: The Promise You Made  sung by: Cock Robin


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