Canyon Catastrophe

2014-06-17 11.50.11Having purchased A Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0 with no problems twelve months ago my choice for a winter bike with disc brakes looked no further than the Canyon website.

Checking the anticipated delivery dates I was pleasantry surprised that my chosen model was available in 7 days. The buy button was pushed and I was pleased to receive a confirmation by return and another e-mail in 36hrs to say the bike was being dispatched with UPS.

My admiration of German efficiency was sky high until the delivery, a single small box containing two bottle cages, I was convinced there must be a bike box in the UPS van but no, that was it. Having waited another 3 days I contacted Canyon to ask where was my bike and why had they separately sent two bottle cages. Two days later and with no reply I contacted Canyon UK who told me that I would shortly receive an explanation.

With my belief in German efficiency badly dented I took to Google to find multiple complaints of missed delivery dates and customers failing to get refunds.

A couple of days later I received an e-mail saying Canyon were having IT problems and they could not say how long I would have to wait for my delivery. With this information I decided to cancel the order through Canyon UK who apologised for the situation. I offered to send back the bottle cages but Canyon said keep them free of charge for the inconvenience. With this I was somewhat surprised and annoyed to find two weeks later my credit card had been debited the cost of the cages.

I contacted Canyon UK who again apologised and assured me a refund would be issued, the only problem was the credit would be issued from Germany and just as the bike delivery they could not tell me when this would happen.

Despite weekly e-mails seven weeks have now passed without a refund and Google searches still reveal IT and delivery problems.

I really like my Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0, but I have lost faith in the brand and their lack of customer service so when I need a replacement I am afraid Canyon you have lost a customer.

……..And I am still waiting for my refund..