Canyon, Great After Sales Despite German Efficiency

IMG_1848What happened when I lost one of my nuts on the club ride.

I was out on the Sunday morning club ride on my Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0 when on reaching the top of a climb my saddle suddenly became loose, I could see no obvious problem and tightened a seat post bolt and carried on although I could still feel play in the saddle.

Back home an inspection revealed I had lost one of the convex nuts from the seat tube that clamps the saddle so for a quick fix I found a 6mm nut and washer.

On Monday morning I e-mailed Canyon to see if I could purchase the said convex faced nut to complete a proper repair, I was expecting to use my credit card and have the nut in a couple of days but I had overlooked the German bureaucracy, procedure, efficiency and a paper trail.

The following is a list of emails showing the high level of service Canyon attach to every nut !! and bolt on your bike.

15/6/15 Me: Request to Canyon to purchase seat nut, giving my bike purchase invoice number for identification purposes.

16/6/15 Canyon: Offer to supply the nut – free of charge.

16/6/15 Me: Confirmation of my shipping address.

18/6/15 Canyon: Drawing to confirm identity of the nut and part number.

18/6/15 Me: Confirmation of part number.

18/6/15 Canyon: An order has been raised, confirmation to follow.

18/6/15 Canyon: Confirmation with general terms, revocation procedure and invoice stating the nut cost 0.95€ and £6.99 postage but all costs waived.

29/6/15 Canyon: Confirmation that my item was being assembled ( 1 nut ) and should be on its way to me in 48hrs

29/6/15 Canyon: Confirmation my nut was on its way with UPS

13/7/15 Me: Where is my nut.

14/7/15 Canyon: UPS could not find your address so they have sent it back to Germany.

14/7/15 Me: UPS found my address when they delivered the bike, could UPS not have phoned. Can somebody in the office not put this nut, the size of a 5p coin in an envelope, put a stamp on it and post it.

14/7/15 Canyon: Apologies it has to come from Germany

15/7/15 Canyon: Apologetic e-mail but we cannot shortcut procedure.

22/7/15 It’s finally here………………………..UPS found us, its taken 5 weeks but persistence and patience have paid off I just hope Movistar and Katusha don’t have a problem in the Tour Fe France and need replacement parts in a hurry.

I am extremely impressed with Canyon and their after sales and I would certainly buy another bike but there comes a time when man must reclaim the initiative, bureaucracy and procedure have their place but I would hate to work out the true cost of this 1 nut.