Lejog Days 5 and 6 Broadstone to Warrington and Kendal

Day 5 Broadstone to Warrington

Midlewich Canal Basin

Midlewich Canal Basin

After the previous few days of climbing I was looking forward to a relatively flat day. The first 10 miles was very easy and I was looking forward to a relaxed day until I crossed the River Severn and heard the ping of a spoke breaking milliseconds before the back wheel locked up as it distorted.

I thought had every spare I would need but completely overlooked spokes but I did have a spare set of wheels and a phone call to Kaye brought the team car to my rescue and after a quick wheel change normal service resumed.

The helpful guys at Thorn Chandlery in Warrington

The helpful guys at Thorn Chandlery in Warrington

Progress was good and after a coffee stop at Napley Heath I was heading North, to the East of Crewe and on to Middlewich where I stopped to admire the narrowboats on the canal and as if by magic Kaye was also parked there. As it was still quite early I decided to push on and clear Warrington on Sunday afternoon rather than rush hour on Monday. As I crossed the canal I noticed a chandlers and stopped to look for some epoxy resin to repair the external electrical intake on the motor home that I broke yesterday, the two ageing owners could not have been more helpful and while chatting they told me how they helped another Lejog cyclist repair his bike. After this brief stop the Garmin routed me through a myriad of side streets and housing estates and the site of 2 youngsters jumping up and down on a car roof had me pedaling with renewed vigour.

I met up with Kaye to the north of Warrington and found our campsite opposite HMP Riseley !!
Campsite: Yew Tree Caravan Club CL Riseley

Broadstone to Warrington 86.38 miles

Climbing 3469ft
Avg Speed 15.7mph

Day 6 Warrington to Kendal

The forecast for Monday was heavy rain but I suppose on a positive note I would not have thought I was in the Manchester and Liverpool area of our glorious country if it hadn’t rained for most of the ride. The route from Warrington was through Leyland and Preston and I must confess to having head down for most of it glued to the Garmin in the driving rain.



Progress was slow through side streets and cycle paths and I finally met Kaye for coffee in the car park of Barton.Grange Hotel. Thoroughly wet through I went for a full change of gear and was pleased for shelter from the heaviest rain of the day. The beauty of technology in the form of rainfall radar showed a clearance of the weather front and within ten minutes the rain had stopped. This was my cue to press on, Lancaster was the next town and more road works and diversions but once clear a “Welcome To Cumbria” sign appeared and the sun came out. I decided that Kendal would be a good destination for the day and we located a camp site at Sedgwick for an overnight stay.

Campsite: Kendal Caravan Club Site, Sedgewick

Warrington to Kendal 73.40 miles

Climbing 3345ft
Avg Speed 14.5mph