Galapagos, giant tortoises, iguanas and………………………..bikes !!

On our recent sailing adventure we experienced the wonderful ecology and stunning beauty of the Galapagos Islands. As well as unusual wildlife it is also a haven for unusual bicycles.

The Islands have a restriction on car ownership, only essential users are granted a permit to buy a car, the rest have to use taxis which are a standard $1 per person for a ride anywhere. With the car restriction the bicycle takes pride of place and a novel idea of roads with one lane for cars and a two-way cycle lane, now there’s an idea to make London roads safer.
We saw several interesting innovations of bike and trailer and cargo bikes which are a popular if not an essential part of the transport system.



The bike and trailer are a common site with many tradesmen carrying tools and building materials.



The cargo bike is king and with temperatures into the high 80s the parasol is an essential extra against the very strong sunlight. This one had a lad selling cold drinks, well at this point he was in sitting in the shade of the local supermarket.



This model seems to be the most popular with shopping basket and home-made child seat, not sure that Health and Safety would approve.



Our favourite, Mrs B’s ideal job combining cycling and ice cream. This guy was always smiling and looked upon the bike as his “company car”, he wasn’t keen on selling too much as it meant more trips back to base to restock.



On reflection we should have hired cycles to see the island but chose to leave our cycling until we reached the Marquesas which was a big mistake and my fault for not doing the research. Hiva Oa was an island of Volcanic rock with most roads between 20 and 40% gradients and with temperatures in the high 80s and a similar percentage humidity it made the bike a  non starter.