The Final Countdown

A couple of days to the start of our Pacific adventure. Cycling has not been particularly fluent of late grabbing odd days between the conveyor belt of low pressure systems that have pounded our shores so it seems good timing to jump ship for some sailing and exploring on the other side of the globe.

With any travel trip I find it best to write a list of technology that I need with me, similarly Kaye will write a list of clothes that I need, suffice to say if I wrote the clothes list they would fit in my pocket. it seems that six weeks sailing requires 6 kg of clothes and 11 kg of electronic and ancillary equipment, how did we ever manage to survive and travel before all this electronic wizardry was invented.

The hardware list reads,  Macbook + charger,  I-phone + charger,  I-pod, noise cancelling headphones, external battery charge pack, Cannon Powershot camera with spare battery SD card and charger, Nikon D3100 camera + 75 – 200 lens, filters and battery charger, Garmin GPS72 plus 8 AA batteries, Kindle, head torch and AAA batteries add to this a Silva hand bearing compass, 2 notebooks and pencils, a Leatherman multi tool and about 8 metres of cables to connect this lot to the national grid. I have now learnt the hard way that these cables need to be individually packed in plastic bags if you don’t want to end up with a spaghetti junction in the bottom of your rucksack that refuses to let anything escape. How sad is that.

IMG_0537The bags are now packed, passports, money and tickets are decorating the kitchen table. Cabin baggage is the I-phone for boarding passes, copy documents, phone calls and social media.

The Kindle is loaded with books, well one in my case for six weeks plus the PDF manuals for cameras, GPS and Kindle, if only I can remember how to turn it on and get to those instructions !!.  The i-pod topped up with music for 48 hours of airports and being wedged in economy class in the Virgin cattle truck for eight hours. Two pairs of sunglasses, mosquito repellant, sun block, and a couple of packets of dried fruit for emergency rations, credit card and driving licence complete the contents of my backpack and I am ready for the off.

The final flights itinerary  has been e-mailed from the travel company, one connection at Miami is extremely tight and if missed it will be a 24hr layover, I am thinking that after two days of travel on three aircraft I will be in need of a holiday.

We have just received a text to say Brizo has made it to the Galapagos Islands and are waiting to welcome us aboard.