Garmin Edge……If Found Please Return To………

A friend passed on this neat little trick to put your name and contact details on the opening screen of a Garmin Edge. Surprisingly I could find no reference to it in the instruction booklet but it works and at least gives you an outside chance of having it returned should you lose it. It worked on my 800 and 705 and should work on any unit with a startup.txt file.

*Updated 19/01/2020 works on my 810, 1000 and 1030

To set up the screen you need to plug you Edge into your laptop, screenshots are from my Mac but I am sure it is the same for a Windows system.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 19.48.22

Highlight your Garmin in Finder, and then open the “Garmin” folder and then open the “Start up Text”

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 19.51.57

This screen pops up, first  you need to set how long to display the message, I went for 10 seconds and then type your contact details on the next line as instructed.


Save the file, unplug your Garmin and turn it on. Job done, open the beer…..

One thought on “Garmin Edge……If Found Please Return To………

  1. A very useful tip which may just result in the unit being returned should it go missing or be left some where by mistake. A real shame Garmin omit to mention this. It worked with my Edge Touring Plus. Thankyou.


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