Imperfect Storm

The closest relevance to cycling is that the storm prevented my Christmas Eve bike ride but mother nature takes no notice of  Christmas arrangements.

An early morning chore in that I had to drive Mrs B to Sainsburys to collect the turkey confirmed my fears that I would not be cycling on Christmas Eve.  Flooded roads and fallen trees turned the 10 minute drive to half an hour and just yards from our destination  Draymans Way was closed as the roof of the brewery was some 60 feet below where it normally resides and causing  a road block.  The return journey was no better with water flooding of the fields and local roads gridlocked as the A31 had been closed and when we did get home the power was off, still we have the gas hob for cooking  and log burner for heat so no great dramas.

IMG_0165This suddenly got me thinking about the last great storm in 1987. Twenty five years ago and what had changed, well, we then lived on a farm and the power was out for two weeks so we fired up the generator for fridge, central heating and television and carried on as normal, unfortunately we no longer have a generator so thats the fridge, central heating pump, and television out. In 1987 we turned on the battery powered radio to find out how the world was coping and now the new DAB radio is mains powered so I can’t use that.  In 1987 we picked up the single house phone and dialled the electricity company to find out the latest information, the present phone system is wireless and the base station does not work because the electric is out and the phone line is down. No matter we have the i-phone except there is no mobile signal in the village today.

So much for the 21st century, we are now totally cut off and I think this calls for a serious review of my personal arrangements and equipment for the future,  Yes I know there are people far worse off and that this is just a minor inconvenience but you have to ask the question, How did we ever progress to this situation where we are so reliant on technology.

And they want to sell me electronic gear shifters for the bike, I don’t think so. I might have to rig up a static bike with a giant dynamo to pump some juice into all this electronic equipment we need.

Oh, and my Kindle is flat so I can’t even read, thank goodness I held on to some of those old fashioned paper back books.

Merry Christmas.


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