SKS Commuter Mudguards

I bought my Boardman Hybrid in January 2012 and after only a couple of rides I could see that a pair of mudguards would be called for. The bike seemed to have been a trigger for a particularly wet spell and coming back from every ride with a muddy wet streak down my back was getting a bit tedious.

Research by Mr Google threw up some interesting links with quite a few remarking how difficult it was to fit full guards to this model with disc brakes and any solution was going to be a compromise so after the research it was off to my local bike shop for a pair of SKS Commuter Mudguards

IMG_0040Fitting was easy and with a small amount of modification to the front guard to accommodate the disc brake they worked well. That was January 2012 and the mudguards were fine until December where upon returning from a ride I noticed the rear guard had fractured. I had no knowledge of what could have caused the break in the thermoplastic material but assumed it to be vibration on an uneven road surface. Rather than replace it immediately I rejoined the two pieces with an aluminium strip and a couple of nuts and bolts, not pretty but effective.

I then forgot about the problem until in February I saw a recall notice from SKS advising a manufacturing defect with some mudguards.  Although this particular product number was not included in the recall the problem was the same so I took the bike and receipt for the guards back to the local bike shop to be met with “sorry sir its out of the 12 month warranty”. They were not prepared to contact the manufacturers about the problem so with nothing to lose I sent SKS an e-mail with the photographs. I got an immediate response to my enquiry and after providing a bit more information an e-mail saying they were sending a replacement free of charge from Germany.

A new set of Commuter Mudguards arrived by courier today. The customer service of SKS is exemplary and an example of how to win and keep customers, a lesson yet to be learned by my local bike shop who did not want to go the extra mile to help a regular customer.

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