It Shouldn’t Rain On A Sunday

As an enthusiastic cyclist I like to try and get out on the bike as often as possible and after completing the January Strava Mile Blast and agreeing to a Coast to Coast ride in April I have found myself taking to my bike most days of the week but given the forecast for today of torrential rain or snow my thoughts turned to a days rest.

Sundays normally involve a morning ride with my son when he is available and an early phone call confirmed his preference to a turbo session in his garage. We got talking and having never been on a static bike he suggested I come over and give it a go.

The journey to Davids house through heavy rain and flooded country lanes to my astonishment saw me encountering endless joggers and three separate groups of cyclists obviously involved in some serious training and hats off to them in those conditions.

Now I do not consider myself a wimp and generally subscribe to theory that its not the wrong weather but the wrong clothing that stops you but torrential rain, a temperature of 4C,  windy and flooded roads is not a combination that would encourage me out on a training ride but then again I can get out every day of the week and I guess these athletes are on a restricted timetable.

The turbo session was an interesting take on a normal ride, the TACX trainer was hooked up to computer, with cadence and power meters all continually displaying information on your performance. A 30 minute anaerobic programme giving you periods of increased power and cadence interspersed with  2 minute rest periods then repeating. All very interesting and I can see the attraction it certainly hones your technique with a scientific approach and I could be tempted if we get too many bad weather days like today but it does nothing to compare to the joy of being out in the fresh air on the open road.

The journey back saw the rain coming down with increased intensity and the only cyclist spotted was wearing the old fashioned yellow sou’wester and oilskin like cape and that covered you from the neck and extended over the handlebars. The lone guy was struggling to make forward progress against the elements but I did admire his determination.

Back at home the bike stable had been cleaned and fettled and my thoughts drifted to do a bit of research on bike boxes, the thought of pedalling my steed in some warm climate had suddenly become very appealing.

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